American Revolution's Imapct on Slavery and Women's Rights

Topics: Slavery in the United States, United States, Black people Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Paige Zukowski
American Revolution’s Impact on Slavery and Woman’s Rights
The American Revolution, like any other war, had many positive and negative effects on a country economically, socially and politically. The American Revolution particularly effected slavery and women’s rights in many different ways. It provided slaves with the opportunity to escape their owners and join the army, and it provided women with a chance to obtain a more substantial role in society. Slaves started to feel a sense of hope because they were able to fight for a cause and women started to feel a sense of equality after being looked down on for so long,

African American slaves had lost all hope of obtaining freedom during the 16th century, but the American Revolution created a new hope that the army would direct them down a path to freedom. Unfortunately there were no intentions of giving new privileges to these slaves in the army. The Colonist never intended to give them privileges, they were just extra support against the British. African American slaves still had the same treatment as the white colonist. However, the slaves believed that since they were fighting for the white people they would be given more freedom. With a few exceptions this did not happen.

While some slaves joined the army, some slaves managed to escape during the confusion and chaos of the war and act as a freed slave without being caught, and some went out to help others. Slavery continued after the war despite the efforts of African American soldiers loyal efforts. Although slavery didn't undergo any major changes the aftermath of the war inspired many criticisms on slavery. The Quakers didn’t believe in slavery, and they worked to free some slaves during the war.

Much like slavery, white women were affected by the revolution. Prior to the Revolution women did not participate in anything, they were known as “Property” of their fathers and husbands, but during the war they were given a chance to...
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