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Topics: American Revolutionary War, United States, American Revolution Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: February 3, 2008
The American Revolution impacted the change of the new country. People who came to the Newfoundland knew nothing better but to follow the British control. At first the colonists believed that the British were helping them, and they were pretty content with their lives. But soon after the British started raising taxes to help pay of their debts and the Americans realized that they don't like how the British are controlling them. The fight for independence changed the lives of Americans. Women and slaves were two of the groups with little to no power before the Revolutionary War. By 1775 slavery was a common practice in American colonies. But after the war there was talk about slavery abolishment. In the areas that slavery was weakening, like New England, it was abolished, and in areas where Quakers lived there was no slavery because they opposed it. Also, in 1787 the Congress of Confederation passed the Northwest Ordinance. It was to show that the land north of the Ohio River was able to be settled in. The Ordinance also said that this area was prohibited slavery. An Ordinance for the Government of the Territory of the United States Northwest of the River Ohio/1787 (Doc H). This shows the step towards a slave free country. Slave's lives were not the only one's changing through the Revolutionary Era. Women's life was changing significantly during the Revolutionary War. Before the war women did nothing but take care of the children and their husband and did the domestic work. They basically had other male figures in their life think for them. But when it was time for their husbands to go fight the women had to take the men's responsibilities. Also, during the war there seemed to be an expansion of women rights because many took part in the war. Woodcut of Patriot woman, Marblehead, MA/1779 (Doc A). The women did not fight, but instead many protested. For example, the Daughters of Liberty protested against British goods. They promised themselves...
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