American Red Cross ~ Strategic Case Analysis Purpose

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AMERICAN RED CROSS ~ Strategic Case Analysis Purpose
I.Statement Of Facts
American Red Cross is a organization that was founded in 1881 by Clara Barton. It has established itself as the most well known emergency relief organization devoted to the care of war victims, disaster victims, and the suffering world wide. People can attain community services hours through the American Red Cross as well as benefit from the health and safety programs offered each year. American Red Cross is the largest supplier of blood in the United State. The American Red Cross uses money from donations and fund raisers to provide humanitarian services and programs. The American Red Cross is not a government agency so it relies on volunteers, money contributions , and blood donations to fulfill its duties.

The biggest problem that the American Red Cross faces is image management. The credibility of the organization plummeted through false claims and rumors spread by the media. Repairing the image has been a struggling experience that needs minor adjustment if the organization plans to overcome these obstacles and become a prosperous functional establishment.

∆ June 2000 Red Cross workers went on strike and filed a law suit claiming the use of unfair trading practices in the pricing of blood ∆ The Better Business Bureau is quoted to making false public statements n the American Red Crosses ability to meet standards ∆ Unsatisfied employees that are quick to strike due to long hours, cost, and frequent schedule changes ∆Using Healy’s’ policy of using donations for a “long period of unceraintiy and recovery” ∆ Accusations of collecting unnecessary blood

∆Unorganized management policy
∆ Negative publicity
∆ Lost of faith in the organization
∆ Loss of affiliations with other well establish organizations ∆ Smaller percentage of participants due to the blackened name ∆ Massive strikes brought on by enraged employees
∆ Lawsuits
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