American President Essay

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American President Essay

How is our political system portrayed in Hollywood films? In the movie The American President, the president is shown performing many important roles. There is also an interest group known as the GDC that is working to influence the political process. Another element represented in the movie is the media exposing a lot of the president’s private life to the public and how that affects the political environment. These elements of the movie provide a realistic view of our modern political system.

The president plays a wide variety of key roles in this movie. He demonstrates legislative leadership by working to pass a crime bill. Another role he demonstrated is commander and chief when he gives the order to bomb Libya. The president also exercises his role as a foreign policy leader by having a dinner with the French president. During the movie, the presidential election is coming up soon, so the president attends fundraising parties, which is an example of political party leader.

Interest group are groups of people with a common interest that seek to influence political leaders that affect laws. In the movie, the interest group GDC hires Sydney Ellen Wade to lobby the government for a reduction in fossil fuels by 20%. She does this by providing compelling statistics that may persuade congressmen and cabinet members towards increased regulation on fossil fuels. If successful, interest groups and lobbyist have a significant affect on the American culture.

In the movie, the media plays an important role by exposing the president’s personal life. As the president starts to fall in love with Sydney, the opposing party uses this to hopefully gain votes. They do this by finding anything and everything that Sydney has done wrong in her life. After a few days of searching, they finally find Sydney taking part in a protest...
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