American Popular Music (Minstrelsy

Topics: Racism, American Civil War, Minstrel show Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: April 10, 2014
Feb 2, 2014
American Popular Music (Minstrelsy)

I honestly without a doubt know what minstrelsy means, but I am taking a religion class this word just came up in the chapter I was reading. In my opinion, this chapter did disturb me by thinking how can people even reason the way they do, but what can I do this is the past and a lot of things have changed since then but not all the way. I have a little understanding what it could be. I think minstrelsy means it is an art or profession shows were a form of entertainment that features white performers in African American face. I came in to this with an open mind. After, this chapter I am very disgust about the music format in itself a cultural phenomenon in that it has thrived throughout centuries as other music types have come and left. They were so racist beyond nonsense degree. I am proud to be in our current American Popular Music because most of us all believe in equality. The word is spread all over the world. People listen to whatever; they feel like tuning into. However, there are times when a music singer, such as, a female is criticized about what she wears because she may have a little more curve to her body. Therefore, I am glad that the award shows are promoting dress codes. Even so, that should apply to everyone so no one will judge one another. To correct myself people will judge no matter what, but in more of a sense towards the outfit choice. I wish at times I had a voice that I can uplift people spirits and send a positive message. Unfortunately, I was not fortunate like K. Perry. This chapter had of racism, which hurt people because they were forced to not have a voice of their own. They could not show off their unleashed hidden talent to the world. The civil war and the setting of the time when they were trying to develop American Popular Music promoted mortifying atmosphere in music media. Minstrel shows began more famous during a time period when racism was only issue....
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