American Popular Culture

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American Popular Culture
The difference between Americans and people from all over the world is that Americans work for a living, that strive that American society has to buy and consume everything that is need it and sometime not need it, has make the United States of America the top economy of the world, every company looking to expand their market through globalization has to reach the United States of America market to maximize financial gain. This privilege position the America has comes from the culture of America itself, a culture defined by a hard working attitude and most important an opportunity the country gives to every business to be able to grow.

To understand America culture, the proper definition of culture is need it, in popular terms culture is defined as a group of people that share the same characteristics, language, social habits, religion, geographical location, and eating habits. Culture is defined by the historical background and experiences that a group of people, community or country has endured trough the times to form the nation. One of the biggest characteristics of any defined culture is that is always changing and modifying itself, to the point that it can be divided in different forms of culture, the most interesting one is popular culture. Popular Culture is the flow of new ideas, terms, or images that form a mainstream to a specific culture, in this case the American culture. When referring to popular culture, the American culture is the first one that comes to mind, because of the domination of new ideas, brought by this country to the world mainly by the distribution of movies. Movies has been a trend that has dominated in American Society for more than a century and continues to capsize the imagination of all American citizens and keeps presenting us to the worlds. For the last decade another major trend that defines the American popular culture is the passion for mobile electronic devices; Americans love a busy lifestyle...
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