American Pop Culture Today

Topics: Popular culture, Nutrition, Mainstream Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: September 2, 2009
American Pop Culture
Michelle Lilier
University of Phoenix
Robert Legaspi
29 January 2007

American Pop Culture
American pop culture today is McDonald’s, Starbucks, finding a potential significant other on online dating sites, conversations via cell phones but with the use of fingers and not voice, the highly anticipated Super Bowl games and more interest in American Idol than politics. The given examples are just a few of today’s popular culture all too common to the average person to notice. Other trends that are more recognizable, however, are dining out, healthy living, and the ever growing popularity of the already-popular. These trends have incorporated themselves in this society’s lifestyle with the help of mass media with no slowing down in sight. Dining out is one of the most recognizable trend in American pop culture. Dining out is not only a convenience the average American takes advantage of but also is a way to relieve one from the chore of cooking. The number of fast foods restaurants are constantly growing, aiding today’s American to grab a quick bite before or after a hectic day. Dining out also has become an important way to socialize amongst friends and family. The purpose of dining out goes further than just to satisfy one’s hunger but also to meet with friends to catch up on each other’s lives. Whether the plan is to grab some lattes, scones and catch up on the gossip or sit down at a fine restaurant to discuss business plans, dining out has become a very popular trend in American culture and has been adopted by people of different backgrounds and “classes.”

Another trend in today’s society is the conscious awareness of all things relevant to health. More than ever, dieting has become a very popular trend in today’s culture. More fitness clubs are opening across the nation for those who are looking to improve their bodies and health. Organic foods are also on the rise, amongst other trendy health foods. Diet and herbal...
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