American Police Patrol

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Police Patrol In The United States

A patrol officer is generally an officer in uniform who is assigned to monitor a certain location. The purpose of the patrol officer is to look for any sign of criminal activity or problem, and hopefully, prevent any criminal acts from occurring by his or her mere presence. The patrol officer is one we generally think of when it comes to a police officer, as they respond to calls for service, make arrests, resolve disputes, write crime reports and enforce traffic laws. The patrol unit is often the first to arrive on the scene of any incident, and what a unit or single officer does or fails to do at the scene can greatly influence the outcome of any investigation. The patrol officer is the person who works in the field daily. He or she is usually closest to potential crime and oftentimes the officer develops close contacts with people who can provide important information.

The main function of police patrol is to deter crime by creating the impression that police are everywhere. The idea that the police are always around is known as Omnipresence. Police patrol generally creates a safe feeling throughout the community. The visibility of the police cruiser alone is often enough to ensure citizens that they are being protected. The public also realizes that patrols deter crimes, so they expect to see the police out on the streets. Another important aspect of police patrol is that it allows the officer to be out in the community; ready for service. The officers are usually dispersed through their jurisdiction, allowing them to respond to calls more quickly and easily. Without police patrol, more crimes would be committed, and it would be much more difficult for an officer to respond to a call in a timely fashion.

Patrol work is often seen as some of the hardest work in the police department, mainly because an officer on patrol never knows what he or she might come up against while on duty. The fact of the matter is, no...
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