American Mission in the 19th Century

Topics: United States, Populist Party of America, American Civil War Pages: 4 (1333 words) Published: February 26, 2014

History Midterm

Question #5
During the period of American history in the 1800’s to the early 1900’s many topics stick out in one’s mind. We think of words like: freedom, progress, democracy, immigration, war, and depression. Those are just a few of the important words that period represents. However the word “mission” not only is an important term for this time period but it is a word that is always changing throughout American history. Many will argue that we can still discuss the term today and the importance of mission in the year 2014. America was going through a time of expansion and began settling in the west, moved Native Americans out of their home land, and transitioned into another generation of the American mission. Some people would associate the idea of mission with manifest destiny during this time period; a term regarding the progress of liberty and economic expansion across all the country. There were several important events/movements to be highlighted during this time period. This is the era where America would have its own civil war between the Union and its own seceding Confederacy. After President Lincoln was elected in 1860, eleven states succeeded from the union to rebel against the idea of a single nation consisting of the freedom of slaves that already took place in the north. The North began the war with several advantages: more men, more money, more industrial power, and a large railroad system. By the end of the war the North continued to dominate economically, while the South struggled to recover economically and psychologically from the devastation of the war. In addition to losing many of its young men, sons, husbands, fathers, and friends to the conflict, the southern agricultural strengths were crushed in the war, and never regained its political power.

Another important movement in American History during this time period was the creation of the Populist Party. Many years after the union clearly lost the war...
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