American Mining in Colombia

Topics: Colombia, Coal, Security Pages: 3 (680 words) Published: February 24, 2013

AMC is one of the leading coal mining companies in USA that had finished moving nearly all of its coal operation from the southern united state to premier mine in Northeast Colombia. Before move to Colombia.AMC was one of the the top 300 largest private companies in USA that providing high quality coal, reliable delivery and excellent service. By moving to Colombia, Mine Company provided three of numerous advantages for AMC such as type of payment for worker where lower wages provided for worker in Colombia rather than US mine workers, Colombia the world’s largest coal reserve and the government offered for protection of the company operation and its employees. However, established the company in Colombia so many obstacles that American mining Company faced such as business and political environment problems such as security, attack the company , worker and foreigner investor for growth the development prospects. MAIN ISSUES

This article explained about business’s condition and country‘s problem which is happened in Colombia and affect to AMC (American Mining Company) growth prospect. SWOT
Strength could include a company specialist and location. There are many aspect of business to be growth the prospect in mining that AMC have in Colombia compare in US. The strength includes: * The type of payment of labor of AMC, In Colombia the company will get more benefit such as payment of wages for Colombian mine worker much cheaper that US mine worker. * No restriction labor mine from Colombian union or government such limited working hour and safety mandatory condition. This condition caused increasing of unemployment in Colombia. * Colombia the world largest of coal reserves. This can increase the quality of coal in the world. * Government also offered numerous attractive investments to AMC such as tax-free operational and subsidized Infrastructure development. * Colombia army...
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