American Media Brainwashing Americans by T.V.

Topics: Saddam Hussein, United States, Iraq Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: November 2, 2012
American media brainwashing people by TV

The media has brainwashed Americans today into to believing what they want you to believe. It could be about what to wear, political views, or what to buy. The media affects everything you do whether you are aware of it or not. The TV. is the biggest helper to brainwashing people. Most people open it as soon as they get home and leave it on till they fall asleep. That’s about 8 or more hours. Even if you aren't paying attention to the television its self you are still listening to it. Whenever you hear something interesting you are automatically sucked in. Everything on television is brainwashing.

For example, the war in Iraq was televised. You saw Iraq being bombed and the Americans being the sole winner. You saw what they wanted you to see. You saw Saddam Hussein as a tyrant compared to Hitler, and the U.S. being the saving grace to the poor people or Iraq. Most of those people were perfectly happy where they were. They didn't even want American help, and yet the U.S. went over there and bombed them, took their leader, imposed a new system of government on them. They changed their lifestyle completely. Just because one interview of a happy Iraqi the media made people think it represented the whole country.

Everything on television is brainwashing especially commercials. But this, but that, buy this, buy that. Just because this kind of candy is in a prettier package than another one doesn't mean you should buy it. Don't even get me started on media's portrayal of beauty. Most of the models on TV are 5’8 and flat chested with blonde hair and blue eyes. Not many women look like that? How many men want a woman like that? Thanks to the media young girls think that’s what they have to be. Some Girls like these become anorexia and bulimic. If the media put some normal looking people on that catwalk you wouldn't have teen girls starving themselves.

Then there's the way the media's portrays 'psychos' and 'weird'...
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