American Meat Industry Writing Assignment

Topics: Meat, Beef, Livestock Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: May 28, 2013
American Meat Industry Writing Assignment

My thoughts and feelings about meat have changed after learning more about it. I used to not worry about the meat I was eating. I didn’t think anything was wrong with eating meat and didn’t really recognize I was eating something that used to live and have feelings. Even though I knew that I was eating a previously living animal, I never really thought about it Now I believe that eating meat, isn’t something we should be doing as much and isn’t worth it. Three main reasons why my feelings towards meat have changed is that I now know that the meat that is supposed to be ‘better for you, isn’t really better, the animals we eat are treated so badly before they are slaughtered, and that we are depleting our resources.

For a long time I thought that eating grass-fed beef was a healthy alternative to eating feed-lot beef, which according to the article “What are Feedlot Beef, Organic Beef, and Grass-fed Beef’s” explanation in the section “What is Feedlot Beef”, treats the animals badly and gives them growth hormones and antibiotics. Eating grass-fed beef, which normally doesn’t use antibiotics and treats their animals better, still isn’t a good replacement though. It takes up too much land and causes around 50% more greenhouse gases according to “What’s Wrong with Grass-Fed Beef” in the section “Land Use” and “50% more Greenhouse Gases. Now that I know that there isn’t a healthy, safe type of meat, I no longer think eating it meat is a good idea.

Another reason I now believe meat isn’t a wise choice is that animals are put in such awful conditions just so people can eat meat. The article “Factory Farming Facts” says “A majority of the animals that are raised for food live miserable lives in intensive confinement in dark, overcrowded facilities” in its first paragraph. In the paragraph “Broiler Chickens” it talks about how chickens are put in things called factory farms that do gruesome things like cut off chickens...
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