American Legion General History

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Congress chartered the American Legion in 1919 under Title 36 of the United States Code. They were founded by veterans returning from Europe after World War 1. It is the nation’s largest wartime Veterans organization headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. At last polling there are over 3 million members in 14,000+ posts throughout the globe. They are committed to the mentorship of our youth and provide sponsorship of programs within the communities they are located in. I am a member of this organization that stands as an advocate for American Veterans of the U.S. Military. They preserve Patriotic and Honorable ties within the community by promoting strong national security and lifelong dedication to fellow services members and old veterans like me. Mission: Purpose: How they support the mission of the Citizen Corps: The American Legion provides annual civic training events for high school juniors called “Boys State”. Two members advance to “Boys Nation or National” as well as an Auxiliary that runs “Girls State” and “National” which helps provide funding for scholarships. They also conduct an oratorical contest yearly, sponsor the American Legion baseball team, have programs that work to improve quality of life for homeless Vets, An Emergency fund that operates similar to the Red Cross and also conducts programs that are advocates for the American Vets in Congress through the support in defense of applicable laws. The Legion also is a strong supporter of national defense and has links for the community with training for the civilian population directly related to making our surroundings safer. The legion promotes active membership, volunteerism and input through participation within each community. I personally participate in some of the community based patriotic services such as the adoption of elementary schools that provides tutoring/mentorship in reading programs and also work with the JROTC at the high schools in preparation for the annual local...
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