American Jury System

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Sahleh Wafayee
Judge Brent Carr
Court Systems And Practices

American Jury System

The Court System is the most important of the criminal justice system because it finds whether a person is guilty or not guilty. The United States Court system has provided order and justice for the United States of America. The court system was made to make sure all citizens are receiving a fair trial despite gender, race, color, national origin, or religion. Each of the fifty states has its own state constitution and governmental structure. The court system is made up of laws, statue, and codes. President George Washington signed a law on September 24, 1789 called The Judiciary Act. This law established the jurisdiction and constructed the federal court system of the federal court system and made the attorney general position. The Court system is made up of many laws. The 1st and oldest federal law is the Constitutional law. This law is created in 1787 and is the oldest law. This law is held very high because it cannot be duplicated. The Statutory law is another made that is similar to the judicial law. Statutory laws are made by legal cases, which mean when a judge rules on a case; it becomes law on all future cases that are similar. The Administrative Law is another source of law that is known as the regulatory law. This law governs both state and federal agencies. With these sources of laws in the United States, the regulations have numerous aspects. Common Laws were also created in the court system and were originated in England. These laws were made to be a factor in civil, property, and contract cases. Common law was made by judges through decisions of the courts. A common law system follows the policy of stare decisis. The Court system is made up of many levels. There are 3 structures of the federal courts. The district courts, Courts of Appeals (appellate court) and Supreme Courts are made up in the federal court system. The appellate courts have no...
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