American Influence After 1900

Topics: United States, Native Americans in the United States, Philippines Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: March 8, 2008
Before the 1900's the United States was just another country. It was not a country with much power or influence over the world. As time progressed the power and influence of the US started to grow. After the Anglo-Saxons took over all the land within our borders they decided to move outwards of this country and join the European superpower countries in an imperialistic race. The expansionism of this country during this time was a departure because it was on an international level. The actions of the U.S. were now being watched by the world to see if this new country would become something. Since the expansion was international there were many more problems for the U.S. with foreign countries. For example when the U.S. went into Cuba there was a conflict with Spain who was the power in Cuba. When the U.S. went over to the Philippines there was also conflict with Spain. This expansion was different than the one inside the country because the government was close enough to control what happened in the states. The new countries the U.S. acquired were too far away to completely control. Expansionism during this time was a continuation because when the U.S. was internally expanding they weren‘t giving the people who were already located in the areas a choice. With the Indians the Anglo-Saxons didn't care if they were taking their land just like when the U.S. went into the Philippines. The ideas of manifest destiny and Anglo-Saxon superiority were generally the same idea. The idea that they could take over the land because it was their ‘god given right' to expand and the land was rightfully given to them by God. Anglo-Saxon superiority was the idea that any race other than the Anglo-Saxon race was below human and were not smart enough to control their own land or do anything. Many Indians were slaughtered when the Anglo-Saxons went west. The Anglo-Saxons also made it hard for the Indians to live because they were making it so they could not live their lives the same...
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