American Indian Tribal Law

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, New Mexico, Navajo Nation Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: October 18, 2011
Kevin Tom

Tribal Economic Development


March 1, 2010

1. Define what is tribal “self-determination”? Discuss how “self-determination” has influenced economic growth in the modern tribal economy.

Tribal self-determination was a way to better life for American Indians. Three main factors were put into place to help American Indians with the self-determination act. The first one is tribal self rule. A second factor would have to be cultural survival. Finally a third factor is tribal economical development. These factors are still apart of modern day tribal economy.

Tribal self rule was established to give American Indian communities a govern nation. Tribes are allowed by federal law to set up governments which are allowed to run as sovereign nations. Many tribes today run governments which include a legislative, judicial, and executive branch.

Cultural survival is a big factor many tribal nations are at risk with. Many languages, prayers and songs are been lost at an extremely fast speed daily. For and example, back in the 1970’s 75% percent of the Navajo Tribe spoke there language and as of today on 9% do.-Independent lens.

Tribal Economical development is still reaching its full potential. Many tribes are turning to Indian gaming and using natural resources to boom economical development in some of the most rural areas in the United States.
2. What do you see as some of the most important factors in your tribal community that has impacted tribal economic development either positive or negative?

As a proud member of the Navajo Nation many factors take place daily to impact our Tribal Economical Development. We have a Tribal Parks and Recreation Department who are always in full swing of attracting tourist. The Navajo Nation built a tribal casino 3 miles out of Gallup who is ranking in money daily. We also have a dumbfounded tribal council who makes it nearly impossible to boom a high profit...
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