American Indian Culture Essay

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Texas, Great Plains Pages: 3 (473 words) Published: March 17, 2015
Native American Cultures In Texas
Native American cultures are found throughout the United States. The four Native American cultures that can be found in Texas are the Plains, Gulf Coast, Pueblo, and the South Eastern. These four cultures adapted and thrived using the resources that were available to them. The two American Indian cultures most influenced by geography are the Gulf Coast and Plains culture. The Gulf Coast culture is located in the Coastal Plains. It gets about 40in – 60in of rainfall per year. Forests, marshes, rivers, lakes and some oil can be found in the Coastal Plains region. An American Indian tribe that was strongly influenced by the geography in the Coastal plains was the Karankawa. The Karankawa ate just about anything that swam in the water and could be killed with a bow and arrow; for example fish, alligator, turtle, etc. Since they lived in The Coastal Plains the temperatures were mild, thus they wore a minimal amount of clothing throughout the hot summer days along with alligator grease that they used as a bug repellent against mosquitoes. During the winter when it got cold they wore animal skin. The Karankawa used dug-out canoes as a form of transportation to travel across the water. The made a dug- out canoe by cutting off the trunk of a tree and burning half of it. Once the log was half burnt they would scoop out all the ashes and there dug-out canoe was complete. For housing the Karankawa built wigwams. Wigwams were built from sticks (frame) and grass/animal skin (roof). Since the Karankawa constantly moved from place to place they hunted animals because they never stayed long enough in one spot to grow and harvest crops. The Plains culture is located in the Great Plains region. This region gets little rainfall and is mostly made up of grasslands with few trees. A tribe that was greatly influenced by the geography was the Apache. Since buffalo lived in the Great Plains the Apache depended greatly on the buffalo for survival....
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