American History X Movie Review

Topics: Race, African American, Black people Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Film Review-American History X
American history X is the shocking drama that takes racism to a deeper level of understanding and shows us a family torn apart by hate and fear. There is loads of films about modern racism but "American History X" is absolutley the best i've encountered. Second comes "This is England" that pretty much describes same things but not as accurate as American History. The reckless violence and the strong hate shows us how twisted our modern society is and how a normal family in a suburban town can be torn apart so easy just by hate. The film is about two frustrated and confused young men called Derek and Danny. The father of Danny and Derek was murdered by a black man when he tried to out put out a fire in a slum. The "White power" leader in town, Cameron Alexander sees Dereks potential and recruits him as the leader for a neo-National socialism gang. One night Derek kills two black men who tries to steal his car. Dereks goes to prison for three years. While Derek is in prison,Danny goes in the same footsteps as his older brother. Danny writes an essay on "Mein Kampf" and the principal of the school puts him on a special class called "American History X" Derek comes out of prison as a new man, the prison changed his way of thinking since he became friend with a black man. Derek tries to make Danny understand that hate is not the answer but it's hard to unlearn something you've grown up with.... the films chronology does not follow a strict line and they often rewind a coupple of years so you can see how Derek developed his hate. These parts are filmed in black and white. Many times tv producers fail with describing things in the right way but American History X is almost like a book when it comes to paint the past and the future. Another thing i noticed is that in the flashback when he killed those black men, Derek is wearing white boxers and his skin almost glow white in the streetlight while the african-american men wears black...
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