American History: a Brief Summary

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American life in the twentieth century has been characterized more by continuity than by change. Since the beginning of the republic Americans have defined progress by continuity. Settlers from all over the world came to America looking for the same thing—a new world. Although these newcomers had different ideas and their share of disagreement, for the most part, everyone wanted the same thing. Americans agreed that it was time for a government and it was time to stop immigration and develop a country.[1] This development depended upon the support and hard work of many people with a common goal. Wars were fought with one thought in mind—the preservation of America. A huge Navy was established and became victors of the sea. On land the United States Army was definitely a force to be reckoned with. Together Americans supported the expansion of American culture and the American reputation. Americans began traveling around the world spreading knowledge of America and the world noticed. After fighting in World War I, America began working on allies to keep America on top and produce healthy relationships with other countries. To think that all was perfect and that there were no problems would be insane. However, progress was being made. America had become the superpower of the world and though change played its part, continuity made it happen. During the hard times Americans still stuck together. The depression of the 1930s definitely took its toll. Banks were losing investments and the economy was crashing, however America stood strong.[2] Thru Germany’s rise to power with Hitler, and the attacks at Pearl Harbor, America still managed to pull thru and benefit from the peril. America’s perseverance, determination, and above all, continuity made surviving these catastrophes possible. The church in America also followed the same plan. The church was established by people who wanted the same thing. After the doctrine was

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