American History: The Lewis And Clark Expedition

Lewis and Clark Many lives changed in the early 1800’s with the expansion of U.S. territory after the Louisiana Purchase. President Jefferson wanted this new area to be explored, so he asked Meriwether Lewis if he would be commanding officer and leader of the expedition. The Lewis and Clark Expedition meant great changes to American history by discovering new plants and animals, making friendships with the Natives, and exploring new areas. Meriwether Lewis, born in 1774 on August 18 near Ivy, Virginia. Lewis became a member of the state’s militia. In 1794, aided in the termination of the Whiskey Rebellion, where the local farmers were rebelling about the taxes. 1795, served with William Clark. A few years later, Lewis joined the Regular …show more content…
Jefferson wanted to find out what kind of plants and animals lived in the new region. To find out, Jefferson asked Lewis to lead an expedition, who in turn asked Clark to co-command (“Lewis and Clark”). Other goals of the expedition were to describe the geography and resources the group found. The group was also to map the land and observe the weather and climate. If the group were to meet any Native Americans, they were to be friendly and attempt to make trade agreements (Alchin). The main goal of the expedition, though, was to find a water route from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. This route, if it existed, would give market ports to the inner western lands, as well as cities along tributaries and Ohio River …show more content…
They found small animals including the prairie dog, sharp-tailed grouse, and magpies. Clark’s Nutcracker, named after William Clark because he was the first to see this bird, is about the size of robin with a light-brown body with black wings and a white beak. Clark spotted this bird on Lemhi Pass on August 22, 1805. A month early Lewis’s Woodpecker was spotted, named after Meriwether Lewis since he spotted this bird on July 20, 1805 just past the Gates of the Mountains. This bird is about the size of a jay, greenish-black in color with a red belly and silver-gray throat (“Plant and Animal

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