American History: Gilded Age

Topics: 19th century, Sociology, Political philosophy Pages: 3 (948 words) Published: March 25, 2007
After the soaring ideals and tremendous sacrifices of the Civil War, the post-War era of the United States was generally one of political disillusionment. Even as the continent expanded and industrialized, political life in the Gilded Age was marked by ineptitude and stalemate as passive, rather than active, presidents merely served as figureheads to be manipulated rather than enduring strongholds. As politicians from both the White House to the courthouse were deeply entangled in corruption and scandal during the Gilded Age, the actual economic and social issues afflicting urbanizing America festered beneath the surface without being seriously addressed. During this time, general American attention had shifted away from national politics and more towards economic change concerning the development of the West, urbanization of cities, and industrialization. Accompanying this transition was corruption in government policy, evident through immense government subsidies and land grants. The Senate was acutely involved in this corruption, most clearly seen in the Credit Mobilier scandal of 1872. Though laws were passed in an attempt to mollify government interventions, most notably the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887 (E), these were often too vaguely worded to actually be effective. In response to intervention, thousands of groups of people became defiant. Laborers living off the bare minimum often assembled into organized groups to enforce their demands upon the government, making a notable push for reform (D) while educated men such as Henry Demarest Lloyd promoted virtue, not land, as the ideal focus of government (B). Dissatisfaction continued within the middle class. As new industrial machines emerged, designed for mass production and the generation of more profit, they undermined the skill of able workers and apprentices who were without government sympathy. (F) Men such as Carnegie and Rockefeller prospered enormously under this system at the expense of...
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