American History -Civil War

Topics: American Civil War, Confederate States of America, Southern United States Pages: 4 (1369 words) Published: May 7, 2013
​ The American civil war, which began in 1861 and continued till 1865, was a war among the United States. Most of the united states were part of the Union, the North, the Free States. The other states were the southern states, the Slave States, they declared secession (to remove themselves) and they formed the Confederate States of America. The reason for war was over the irritable topic of slavery. Only after four years was slavery abolished but until then there was so much to be dealt with. One major issue that affected everyone socially was, sectionalism. Sectionalism is separatism. Separating oneself to only part of the country as opposed to treating the country as a whole. Blacks were pushed to the side and treated as the inferiority. This caused a lot of political issues as well. Some felt blacks should have the same rights as everyone else and some felt not! The economy at the time flourished in some areas and fell desperately in other areas. The northerners felt that blacks and the progress of the economy had no correlation whereas many southern whites felt no slaves meant no economy. There is so much more to be discussed in detail in this topic lets not waste time. Sectionalism divided America. The different sections were the north and south. Sectionalism, as we mentioned, is putting the needs of one section of the nation over the needs of the whole nation. One difference between the north and south was their working ethics. While northerners were more industrial and businesslike, southerners were more agricultural. Southern economy was primarily based on on the existence of a large family farm. This may explain why the southerners were pro-slavery. They needed the help and chose the lower class people to do the "dirty work" on their massive farms. It was a slower way of working. The northerners were much faster, the commerce was important to them. There were a few factors which created this sectional tension but the major issue was slavery. The...
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