American Heros

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Hero, To Kill a Mockingbird Pages: 4 (1344 words) Published: March 6, 2014
American heroes

The values of a culture are reflected in its heroes. Compare the representations of American heroism in To Kill a Mockingbird and The Searchers. The novel To Kill a Mockingbird and the film The Searchers both show representations of American heroism. This is through the characters Ethan Edwards and Atticus Finch. They both represent the values of American culture. Although both characters have heroic qualities such as taking on challenges that no one else will accept and being resourceful and brave in significant ways their values are different. Atticus is a family man while Ethan is not. Atticus fights for what he believes in and wants racial equality. Ethan on the other hand is full of hate against the Native Americans. The greater hero of these two in my opinion is Atticus Finch, This is because Atticus’ values are still held today and have relation to today’s issues. In the film the searchers Ethan Edwards values was hard work and humility, he is also a very prejudice character with strong racial hatred for the Native Indian Americans. Western heroes and Western American heroes of this time were men that were local lawmen or enforcement officers, ranchers, army officers, cowboys, territorial marshals or skilled fast- draw gunfighter. Ethan Edwards was a masculine person of integrity and principle, which was independent in his actions. Some of the other characteristics that relate Ethan Edwards to an American hero is the he could face danger alone and outlaw the other antagonist and had an expert display of physical skills like horse-handling and gun-play. “I’ll believe that when I see it” is a quote that Ethan Edwards repeats many time throughout the film, this is shown to be Ethan being the bigger man and knowing what can be done and what can’t be done and that he won’t believe it until he sees it with his own eyes. Ethan helps tell us the setting of the film by his heroism, this is at the start when he comes back from war which is...
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