American Health Care/Insurance Essay

Topics: Health care, United States, Medicine Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: March 6, 2010
American Health Care/Insurance Essay

In the United States, the issue of health care is a touchy one. There are two sides to this issue as there is to every other. In this issue, there is the people’s side and the government’s side. The one thing that they have in common is an opinion.

In the opinion of the people, the health care system of the United States is extremely flawed and needs to be fixed desperately. Fifty million Americans are without health insurance. Only a quarter of a million actually get health insurance. This is mostly due to companies like Humana which has a ten percent denial rate. The more people they deny, the more money the specialists who find loop holes make. Eighteen thousand people a year die from lack of health insurance. These are just a few of many flaws in this system which is judged by the eyes of its citizens.

The opinion of the government and health insurance agencies is quite the opposite. They believe that the research, technology, medical equipment, hospitals and medical personnel are substantially better than any other country. The expense of health care has more to do with procedure defects than with delivery problems. The American Medical Association has committed itself to educative programs on adolescent health, prenatal care, newborn intensive care, child abuse, missing children and automobile safety among other things. This is how doctors and health insurance companies feel they are bettering the system.

In my opinion, the United States heath care system is severely flawed and needs to be fixed. The list of disqualifications is ridiculous, as is a ten percent denial rate. The AMA says, “We are a health care that leaves no one behind,” yet something as trivial as a yeast infection is enough to be denied health insurance. Obviously there is something severely wrong with the system for Americans to be fleeing their home land in search of better health care for their loved ones. These are a few reasons why I am...
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