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Topics: United States, United States Constitution, Federalism Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Selena Rocha
Government 2301
Victor Veldekens
October 9th 2012
Citizenship knowledge
What is democracy? A democracy is electoral process in which the government is elected by its people. The collective people must be knowledgeable active citizens in a political community. This political community is called government, institution and procedures in which its people are ruled. The people have the power to choose their government and the government is given the power to rule the citizens. The people have the power to influence the government’s leadership organization, and policies however; the government has to follow policies and guidelines that are set through the political process. The Greeks believed in a philosophical way of thinking by using truth and reason to explain the world around them. During the dark ages was the period between the fall of Rome and the renaissance, a stage of bantam advancement. The reformation and enlightenment; the movement, opted for a more philosophical, scientific way of reasoning, instead of superstitious beliefs to explain the unknown and mere coincidences. The theory of the divine rights of kings claimed that the people were to be govern by a king or queen; who received their authority from the church, their received their power from God. The social contract was the agreement to give up sovereignty freedom to the government to maintain social stability. Furthermore came the mayflower; the ship that transported English and Dutch separatist to America. Then the colonies were established by Britain. In 1754 the French and Indian war erupted over British westward expansion that belongs to the French and also fighting for trade routes. The war resulted in debt for Britain in order to alleviate their debt they imposed a series of taxes on the 13th colonies. The colonists infuriated by the taxes declared independence....
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