American Gothic Literature Mevlida

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American Gothic Literature

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Part 1
Answer the following questions in complete sentences. (Each question is worth two points)

1. Why is Fortunato's name ironic in "The Cask of Amontillado"?

Type your response here:

His name means ‘fortunate’ or ‘lucky’ and he wasn’t neither. He got tricked into drinking wine that killed him.

2. How is the following sentence a pun?

The eye doctor tripped and fell, making a spectacle of himself.

Type your response here:

The word spectacle because it can mean impressive but also can just mean something happening.

3. How is the colon in the following sentence used incorrectly?

When asked why she didn't complete her chores, Stephanie's explanation was: she was too busy studying.

Type your response here:

Because it is directly after a verb

4. Write an original sentence using the word recoil. You may change the part of speech or tense of the word if needed.

Type your response here:

Sofia forced herself not to recoil, afraid to touch anyone.

Part 2
Answer the following question in one to two paragraphs. The question is worth 10 points in total, but partial answers may receive partial credit. (Each question is worth ten points)

1. What is an unreliable narrator? In what way is Montresor from "The Cask of Amontillado" an unreliable narrator? Provide three examples from the story that explain your answer. How does this character lend to the gothic themes of the story?

Type your response here:

An unreliable narrator is a first-person narrator that for some reason has a compromised point-of-view. Montresor is a unreliable narrator being he is telling a tale of how he lured his friend underground and got his drunk and left him there to die. The story is being told...
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