American Funeral Services

Topics: Funeral, Funeral home, Death customs Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: October 5, 2005
American funeral services can vary greatly but some over all changes have recently occurred. For instance, the funeral service industry has traditionally been a male dominated profession. Today, almost half of all mortuary science students in America are women. Many women are attracted by the attributes needed by a funeral service director. A good funeral director will have compassion, good communication skills, the ability to plan events, and the desire to comfort those individuals coping with death. Another change in the field is the fact that in the past most funeral homes were family run businesses. Recently, big business has gotten interested in the funeral business. Some people feel that having a funeral at a franchise funeral home would feel impersonal and be in poor taste.

The popularity of cremation is also a newer trend in the funeral service industry. Approximately twenty five percent of Americans now choose cremation. There are several factors associated with this growing trend. One reason involves the growing acceptance of cremation among many religious faiths. Christianity in particular has begun to adjust its doctrines to accommodate this choice. Another reason that a family may choose cremation for a loved one is referred to as the path of least resistance. By choosing cremation the family avoids; choosing a final resting place, choosing a monument, or choosing a casket.

Unfortunately, the trend towards cremation has problems for many families. Families may feel a lack of closure when cremation is chosen. The direct cremation often has no service or ceremony associated with it. The deceased may have chosen direct cremation to save the family money and create simplicity for surviving family. However, families often are willing to spend the extra money for a service to allow them a proper chance to say their goodbyes.

Other new trends in funeral services involve online memorials. These memorials allow people to sign a visitation book, and pay...
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