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American Dream Essay
The dictionary definition to the phrase The American Dream is the “traditional social ideals of the United States”, but to me it is much more. In my perspective, the American Dream is a layout of your dreams that you wish to achieve. While learning about the American dream in school, I have also been thinking about who I am, what I want my life to be, and how I plan to realize my dreams outside of school. To illustrate what I had been thinking in my head, I have created an organization board as a wheel of fortune.

The first picture on my board is a safe household. I chose this picture because I have been fortunate enough to been raised in a safe and supportive household. My second picture represents a supportive family. I included a picture of my family who in my opinion is the best support system I could ever ask for. My third picture represents loving siblings. I am blessed to have two siblings in my life that have been through everything with me and that love me very much. My fourth picture represents true friendship. I have also been blessed to have true and caring friends in life from the start. My American dream would be nothing without a loving family and friends.

Just as my family is important to me, so is my education. My fifth picture represents a good education. I have been blessed to attend Canterbury School for twelve years to start off my education for future successes. My sixth picture represents receiving good grades. Grades have always been very important to me, they help me stay focused on the American dream that I have in mind for my family when I become a mother. My seventh picture represents receiving admission to good colleges. Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to be an artist and attend the Rhode Island School of Design or the Fashion Institute. These dreams seemed very far off when first thought of, and now that my future is in my hands, I would do anything to make those dreams into reality. My...
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