American Films and Famous Shopping Mall

Topics: English-language films, American films, Thailand Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: September 10, 2013
Last Summer, I went aboard to Thailand with my parents for one week. It is an unforgettable trip. And now, I miss Thailand so much!

It was my second time to take an airplane but I still feeling afraid of the beginning when the plane started to take off ! It got around two hours to arrived Thailand. We went to take a taxi from the airport to the town. We felt crowed in the taxi because we have too many luggage. The first stop was our hotel. It called Centara Grand. Our hotel is very near the famous shopping mall, MBK center. After we packed our luggage, we went to shopping all day ! We were surprised that things in Thailand aren’t too expensive. It is exactly the shopping heaven for woman. At night, we planned to eat seafood at a restaurant. Unfortunately, we have to cancel the original plan because of our poor Thai language. It isn’t a big deal to cancel the plan, but the big problem is the driver drove us to the wrong seafood restaurant . At last, we have to pay 4000 baht for the dinner. It is about 1000yuan in Macau ! This was the most expensive dinner ever ! My parents and I also think that we have been deceived.

The second night, we became more wit , we went to eat at the sidewalk snack booth. Don't underestimate their tastes, the food also very yummy ! Just need 50 baht then you can enjoy the fish which is bigger than my head ! It’s cool !

In Thailand, there have so many temples ! In the following days , we visited several magnificent buildings , they are as grand as a castle.

Go to Thailand, we must go to watch the lady boys show. I think it must be very awesome that a man dresses up like a girl or they have done some operations to become a girl. Whatever, I also looking forward for the show. But sadly, we have to use our poor Thai language to communicate with the driver once again! Actually, we admitted that our languages are very bad. The driver may get wrong with our meaning, he drove us to the adult show. At the beginning, we felt...
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