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American Films and Average Reservoir Pressure

By Azrinkun12 Apr 15, 2013 431 Words


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UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MARA CGE654 TUTORIAL 1 Productivity Index, Inflow Performance Relationship and Decline Curves Question 1: The productivity index for a well in an undersaturated reservoir is 2.6 bbl/d/psi. Calculate the drawdown required for a production rate of 800 bbl/d of oil with an average reservoir pressure of 2500psi. Question 2: A reservoir has been producing under stabilized flow condition at 1200 bbl/d with a flowing bottomhole pressure of 1800psi. The average reservoir pressure is 3000psi. Calculate the productivity index. Assume the wells being produced above the bubble point pressure. Question 3: With a given PI = 4.61 bbl/day/psi and ̅ a) What is Pwf when qo is zero? b) What is q(max)? c) What is q when Pwf = 2500psi? d) What is Pwf when the well is flowing at 4000 bbl/day? Question 4: A well flow at 2000 stb/d with a flowing bottom hole pressure of 2500 psia. Static average reservoir pressure is 3000 psia. Calculate q(max) by assuming the well being produced at bubble point pressure. Question 5: A reservoir and well have the following data. Average reservoir pressure 2400 psi Oil flow rate 100 bbl/d Flowing bottom hole pressure 1800 psi Bubble point pressure 2600 psi Determine; a) The maximum flow rate b) The flowrate for a flowing bottomhole pressure of 800psi using Vogel’s inflow relationship. c) Plot the inflow performance relationship.



Student ID : Question 6: A reservoir is producing under stable conditions with the following data: Average reservoir pressure 1600 psi Flowing bottom hole pressure 1000 psi Bubble point pressure 1600 psi Stabilised flow rate 150 bbl/d a) Calculate the maximum oil production rate. b) Plot the inflow performance relationship. Question 7: An oil reservoir is producing at a reservoir pressure below the bubble point pressure. Given the following data, calculate; a) The maximum oil production. b) The production rate for a flowing bottomhole pressure of 950psi. Average reservoir pressure 1900 psi Flowing bottom hole pressure 1350 psi Flow rate 210 bbl/d Question 8: A well produces 70 stb/d at a flowing bottom hole pressure of 1147 psia. Average reservoir pressure is 1200 psia, which is also bubble point pressure. a) By using straight-line PI and Vogels correlation: i. Calculate maximum possible rate when Pwf is zero. ii. If Pwf could be reduced to 550 psia ( pumping) what rate would be achieved? b) Prepare IPR curves using Vogel and straight-line PI methods. c) By using Fetkovich methods, prepare IPR curve for ̅ .

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