American Family and Traditions

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Table of Contents


2. CHAPTER 1: The American Family4
2.1 A Definition of the Family4
2.2 What is it Like to be a Young Person in the United States?4 2.3 Education5
2.4 The Effects of Divorce in the United States6
2.5 Interview with an American Teenager6

3. CHAPTER 2: American Traditions8
3.1 Christmas Traditions8
3.2 The Yellow Ribbon10
3.3 The Window Candle10
3.4 The Recipe Box11
3.5 Thanksgiving Day11
3.5.1 Origin of Thanksgiving Day11
3.5.2 Thanksgiving Traditions and Customs12
3.6 The Fourth of July13

4. Conclusion14

5. Bibliography15

6. Annexes16


Family and traditions have always played an important role for each one of us, and they are becoming even more important nowadays, as people start not to pay attention any more to the fact that the family traditions and the values that we are taught represent the things that really matter for our personal development. I chose to make my research paper on American Family and Traditions because I think these are two of the most important, valuable things that we have to appreciate in the society nowadays. Also, I wanted to find out more about life in the United States of America and the research work that I have done really helped me understand better the Americans’ way of thinking and to know better their main holiday traditions. In the first chapter of my research paper you will find information about the American family and the most important family issues, such as the education, as well as some of the most important facts about the American family. We all know that there is no place like home, but even if this is true, there are children for whom the family is not forever, due to the fact that more and more young couples get divorced in the first 10 years of marriage or so; this is one of the main dysfunctions of the family, as I will show in my presentation. For the Americans, as for all the other nations, family is the place where you can always go whenever you need love and loyalty. The home is the only place on the earth where forgiveness and understanding must be abundant. Love, support, tolerance and carrying must be the basis for the relationship. Family life today is more challenging than ever, but love is the solution for all its problems. To support my ideas about the American family, I will present in the end of the first chapter an interview with an American teenager who made me understand better how Americans live their lives and what the family and traditions mean for them. In the second chapter, entitled “American Traditions”, I will present you some of the most important American traditions that are respected every year, such as Christmas traditions or Thanksgiving traditions. You will find out what all these traditions mean for the American people and what a great importance they have in their lives. Many of the American traditions are inherited, having roots in the culture of the Native Americans. Society passes principles and values to future generations through customs, traditions and rituals, through which they view their lives and shape their opinions. Throughout history, cultures have passed their family values to future generations by these means. Family rituals and traditions have a great importance in a society, as they help to define family values such as the importance of the family, the integrity, the empathy and the discipline. I hope that my research paper will attract some...
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