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Topics: Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Corazon Aquino Pages: 3 (583 words) Published: March 15, 2014
Elah Mae S. Lasquite BEEd-1A March 17, 2014

Dr. Mohammad Hassan Al-Tohamy
-the new OIC Secretary General, visited the Philippines to discuss matters in connection with the resolution. -he succeeded in bringing the MNLF and the Philippine government to the negotiating table in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on January 18-19, 1975.

The aborted talks, after further consultations, were re-scheduled to take place on April 7.It did not take place, because Pres. Marcos called for a dialogue in Zamboanga City from April 17-30.Those invited in this dialogue were : Marcos-handpicked Muslim leaders

Government officials

The Sixth Islamic Foreign Ministers Conference convened in Jeddah. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on July 12-15, 1975.This conference approved the nine-point proposal for the resumption of talks and urged both the MNLF and the Philippine government to resume the negotiation. Dr. Karim Gaye of Senegal

-told Pres. Marcos of the need for the resumption of the talks on May 6, 1976. May 13-16, 1976
-the Seventh Islamic Foreign Ministers Conference held in session in Istanbul, Turkey. The conference reiterated its call for the immediate resumption of the talks between MNLF and Philippine government. October 1, 1976

-the Islamic Solidarity Fund donated US$1 million to the Agency for the Development and Welfare of the Muslim in the Philippines. However this fund was coursed through the Philippine government which had the direction over the manner of disbursement and programming.

December 15-23,1976
-the second round of the negotiation took place in Tripoli, Libya. The talks were conducted in the presence of the Quadripartite Ministerial Committee (QMC). Dr. Ali Treki, the Libyan Foreign minister

-presided over the series of meetings between the two panels, which culminated in the signing of the...
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