American Education vs. Indian Education

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Kartik Mistry
Justin Stacy
ENG 111_04
October 16 2013

American Education vs. Indian Education

Each person has his or her own opinion about which educational system is preferable, an Indian education or an American education. Each of these education systems both American as well Indian has its own strengths and weaknesses. Overall, one cannot claim which is more preferable, but still the debate is open for comments. But to speak the truth, the education system responsible for redefining a human being into some talented persona is a good education system. Remarkably, both the American education system as well as Indian education system has managed to do that not just one time, but uncountable times. We have fine examples of great personalities including scientists, journalists, doctors, engineers, and many such professionals who have benefitted by their education system, either American or Indian. So let's leave it for the rest of the world to decide which one is better and preferable? The education system in the United States is far more advanced and than all the rest of the countries. The education levels are divided into three levels, the elementary school, the middle school and high school. In each of these levels, the children are included as per their age group and divided into grades. This means that once a child starts with the elementary school, he or she goes in the first grade, which keeps going until the twelfth grade, the final year of high school. Once the students finish high school, and then they can enroll for further studies in post-secondary education, commonly referred as college. The elementary school may start somewhere in the age group of five for a child, and the high school would end up in the age group of approximately seventeen. In high school, more emphasis is given to practical understanding, reading, writing, math, understanding concepts, and documentation. Also, high school education is about learning the...
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