American Eagle

Topics: Abercrombie & Fitch, Fashion, American Eagle Outfitters Pages: 1 (557 words) Published: December 8, 2005
American Eagle Outfitters is a fairly new company but they are doing extremely well because they have a clear grasp of who their market is. They are a fresh new hip look. Along with being a fresh new look they also have great quality of clothing at a reasonable price. ( American Eagle is one the best name brands around because it appeals to the youth, it keeps up with the latest fashions while still being affordable, the store atmosphere is very comfortable and they know how to market themselves. One of the first reasons American Eagle is one the top name brands around is because they appeal to the youth as well as young adults. American Eagle is aiming to appeal not only to the targeted 20 year old but also consumers between the ages of 16 and 34 years old. The try to stay up to fashion and always come out with something new. Not only do they keep up with new fashions they also do not fade away from classic old school fashions. Another reason why American Eagle is one of the best name brands is because they are fashionable yet still affordable. American Eagle seeks to be assessable , fashion orientated, and has a strong value proposition, which has allowed the company to thrive and take shares from competitors over the past five years. Not only is their clothing line very comfortable, bold and fresh, they are also affordable. Along with being affordable another reason why American Eagle is one of the est name brands is because, the stores layout and atmosphere is relaxed. The layout and atmosphere is one of the major key factors in American Eagle's success over the recent years. Store atmosphere is also very important when trying to keep loyal customers. American Eagle for the most part hires fun and energetic employees to represent their company "AE also has a strong competitive advantage because of their short lead times and their ability to position themselves in high-visibility, high-profile locations...
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