American Dream in Film

Topics: Working class, Social class, English-language films Pages: 3 (1152 words) Published: December 6, 2012
American Dream in Film
The American Dream is a belief that is known by people all over the world. The American Dream can be achieved by anyone. According to Winn, “The Unites States is considered the land of opportunity despite one’s race, color, creed, or national origin, an idea that is acknowledged in many parts of the world, especially in America” (Winn 1). The American Dream is the idea that allows people to succeed, regardless of their limitations. This idea is engraved into people’s mind through film and other sources of media. The idea of the American Dream has been shown in film for many decades. The concept of the American Dream is portrayed by hard work, perseverance, and there are no unfair limitations. It also shows individual advancement, free from social restraints, not connected income, but to the concept of mobility. In film, these aspects of the American Dream are sometimes showed by rags-to-riches stories. These stories follow a character from a low class that work very hard to achieve success. There are many films over the years that show this concept. In 1987, Herbert Ross directed the film Secret of my Success starring Michael J. Fox. In the film, Michael J. Fox is a recent college graduate from a small town in Kansas. He comes from a working class family who worked on a farm. Brantley decides he wants to move to New York and try to start a new life and make money. When he first gets to New York, he struggles harshly. He lives in a really rundown apartment with almost no space and he cannot find a job. The film shows how poor Brantley is and then it shows his uncle’s giant corporation which is one of the most successful companies in America at the time. This film was made in the 1980’s, and according to Winn, this is the time when the richest 10 percent own 70 percent of the nations wealth. The 1980’s is also the time when the US has one of the largest income gaps between the rich and the poor. The film does a good job showing these harsh...
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