American Dream

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American Dream
“Many people think of the American dream un purely economic terms, as a kind of road map to wealth and luxury”. For most people the American dream is to have an enormous and beautiful house and a new car, but not all of us think the same way. American dream: the liberty to freedom, equality, and opportunities, to achieve our goal in becoming better people and helping our community and our country.

People come to the united states because they think that we a have a great economic situation and that they are going to get better, but not only in economic terms but also as a way to inspire us, to provide freedom and opportunity to those that don’t have it, to not give up, even if they don’t know the language they work really hard to help their children understand their American dream. When I first came it the united states I thought American dream was just to work really hard save money and have a better life in economic terms, but now I know that it’s not just that but to give back what you have to give other people who need it, to give them opportunities to accomplish their American dream.

In conclusion American dream is not just a road to get wealthier, instead we have the freedom to understand and create a meaning for our dream, for our American dream. To give others the opportunity it achieve their dream, go to the university, study a good carrier, be a good citizen and try to give back what these country had offered us because in the future some people will need it, just like we did one time.
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