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Part 1 My version of the American dream
In my opinion, the American dream is a belief. This is a faith that they make arduous efforts will be able to get a better life. People should have to through their hard work, their courage, their originality and determination to achieve success. Rather than relying on the assistance from a particular social class or others help. Although some people think the concept of wealth has been emphasized too much in American dream, but there are still have many American recognized this chance cannot find or don’t exist in other countries in the world. Because there are many difference between America and other countries. Economic have a lot of freedom in the United States, the role of government is limited. This condition result in social mobility greatly in the U.S., anyone can toward success through their own efforts. Summarizes my opinions, the American dream has the following points: 1. The United States can provide the chance of success for everyone 2. Everyone has equal rights

3. Success depends on their efforts and talents, rather than background and family 4. Everyone has the freedom of faith
For my personally: I hope I can do a job what I love, and this work can provide me with enough salary. One day I can climb the Himalayas is my dream since the childhood. I hope that through my owe efforts to complete it.

Part 2 Under the government’s help
I hope the government can make change in one side. That is relaxing the requirements of the visa regime. As an international student, whether can get the visa is the most important thing for me. I use a student visa now and I will need a work visa when I graduate. When my visa is due and I don’t have a new one. I must leave the U.S., cannot continue to pursue my dream. But the America has very strict censorship and only can provide very limited visas per year. So I hope that the U.S. government can provide more opportunities for international students.

Part 3 How international trade can help
It seems no connection between my dream and the international trade. But in fact, there are still many intrinsic links. For example, climber requires a special cable, many countries can production this cable, but German product has the best quality. It is just because of the international trade make the circulation of commodities, I can buy German products in other places. I have other example, I like take a photograph. So I am very concerned about the camera market. Before China accedes to the WTO, a Canon camera is very expensive in China. However, since China become member of the WTO, the Japan cameras have cut prices much. We gains price favorable from the international trade. The trade can reduce tariffs and bring us the price proceeds. There are many other examples, they can also explain the benefits from the international trade. So many aspect of our lives still benefit from international trade, my dream is no exception.

Jiongming Wu
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