American Dream

Topics: Higher education, Academic degree, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: June 26, 2013
Symone Foster
Professor Doku
9 April 2010
English Composition
Education is Key
Frederick W. Robertson once proclaimed, “Instruction ends in the school-room, but education ends only with life”. Education has become a golden ticket to success in America’s society, challenging not only African Americans, but every racial class to obtain as much knowledge as achievable. The American Dream by Kenya Doyle depicts the economical success and the downs sides to achieving self assimilation one can gain from receiving a college education. It was evident to the “white man” during slavery how powerful education could be if blacks attained it; thus, we were isolated from any form of teaching. This was merely a roadblock for several years, which is apparent with the first African A merican president. With education prohibited to the African American race for years, I have a greater appreciation for the opportunity to be knowledgeable. Whether you’re seeking cooperate success or self-fulfillment, Education provides the soul with pregnant possibilities. In the American Dream, Doyle retells her family’s life growing up “relatively poor” and eventually finding economic success when her mother returned to get a college degree. Higher education has become mandatory in obtaining a well paid job in America. Obviously it is not impossible to achieve economic success without going to college, but the majority of Americans have seen the benefits of receiving one. I can relate all too well with Doyle’s essay. My biological parents both have college degrees, but my step-father does not. Although I believe my step-father is as qualified as my parents, he is often rejected opportunities that would otherwise be given to a person with a college degree. Cooperate America is seeking the most qualified applicants in this day and time, thus, Americans are receiving education far beyond a college degree, which makes it very difficult for the “average Joe”. The competition is thickening and...
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