American Dad

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American Dad
Casey Jones
February 10, 2015
Dr. Chuck Tryon
English 120
Fayetteville State University

The main character Stan Smith, a CIA agent and father who is always on the lookout for terrorist and extraterrestrial activity, will go to the absolute extreme to make sure his country is safe from harm. In addition to his regular normal family, his wife Francine and his two teenage children Haley and Steve, they also has two “different and special” members. Roger, the sarcastic alien who saved Stan from Area 51 hates the fact that he is restricted to the four walls of the house unless he dresses in ridiculous outfits that question his sexuality. He smokes and drinks to cope with the torture of his own life. Klaus, the family goldfish is not actually a normal fish is from an experiment gone wrong due to the CIA. When they tried to put a German man’s brain in a fish’s brain they created Klaus who is also madly in love with Francine. (

American Dad
“A utopia is a community or society possessing highly desirable or near perfect qualities.” (Webster’s Dictionary). The show American Dad tries to portray their society and family as a “Utopia” meaning whatever happens throughout the episode there will always be a happy ending after the thirty minutes the show allots. This show exemplifies entertainment for the audience as utopia. “The show revolves around C.I.A. Agent Stan Smith, and his not so average family. Stan is constantly fighting off terrorists who threaten the safety of the United States, sometimes causing more harm than good. His wife Francine is your average house wife. She juggles Stan and the kids while keeping a sound mind. Hayley, Stan's only daughter, is your average rebellious teenager. She speaks her own mind, and does things her own way. Steve, Stan's only son, is a bit of a "geek". He enjoys games like Dungeons and Dragons, and participating in comic book conventions. Although he's not Stan's dream son, he always makes him proud. Then there's Roger, the illegal alien who the Smith' are keeping protected. Roger deals with your average alien emotions, and the fact that he is not allowed out in public, which causes him great distress. Last but not least, Klaus, the Smith's wisecracking talking fish who is secretly in love with Francine.” (TV Calendar) The theme song that opens the show on every episode starts by singing a catchy patriotic jingle. The first few lines Stan sings tells of his optimistic outlook on his beloved country USA, giving inanimate objects humanistic qualities which is personification. Although the song is “short and sweet”, it makes the audience think this show is going to an upbeat and positive television show for a family. By comparing this show to our country, it gives a negative light to the United States as a whole. In a recent episode, the rapture occurred while Stan and Francine are left on the planet with Roger to occupy their time. Stan went to any and all lengths to try to get selected for the second coming of the rapture by finding the supposed Jesus Christ backstage and letting him have sexual activities with him after he blamed Francine for all his problems. After all the problems that occurred in this episode, the end of the episode made everyone look like one big happy family. The show American Dad ridicules America with the constant back and forth idiotic tactics they do throughout all the seasons. It makes fun of America by basically saying whatever happens in this show is how America is in a whole. Stan hides Roger in his attic so the government would not take him because he feels he owes Roger something for saving his life. This example proves that there is corruption in our government. Although Francine appears to be a normal housewife her dark, secretive past with lust, drugs, and sex constantly haunt her. Haley Stan and Francine’s daughter, is an activist to anything her father has to defend...
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