American Culture

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Americanization Culture influences different aspects of an individual’s identity. In its purposefulness, it creates a feeling of belonging and a shared lifestyle among people, while it divides the world into communities of common customs, values, religion, practices, and law.1 American culture can be seen as more diverse and complex; however, people manage to find common ground through music, art, fashion, science, technology, worldviews and democracy. On the grander scale, Americanization greatly impacts foreign countries and has the power to control them. It is capable of compelling good influence over other nations and often times it succeeds in doing so. American cultural imperialism does not see itself as having any boundaries or limitations and feels free to impose its ideologies onto others uninvited. People in other countries allow themselves to adhere to American popular culture but feel threatened when America attempts to make them relinquish of their practices and beliefs. American culture expands throughout the world. In efforts to maintain its praiseworthy hegemony, it must make sure that other nations are intrigued by it and desire to be a part of it. The media plays a pivotal role in sustaining America’s cultural imperialism. Its popularity in other nations cannot be defeated. Corporations of other countries that challenge United States media corporations fail to realize that they have strong ties to U.S. media companies and Wall Street.2 United States domination exists also in corporate culture. Transnational corporations that are based in the United States, Europe and Japan have incorporated American business culture and production into their own business, giving America the upper hand over European and Asian social market economies.3 A prime example is the rewarding of company stocks in lieu of bonuses and wage raises, placing a value not only on the employee but also on the...
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