American Colony Lifestyles

Topics: New England, Slavery, Democracy Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: April 13, 2006
So close yet so far
The lifestyle in the three American colonies sections, varied dramatically, the most obvious was the difference between the New England and the Southern colonies. The New England colonies varied in many ways from the southern colonies, the most obvious were the motives for the founders, the political and social beliefs, and economic differences. The New England colonies were much more interested in starting a new way of life for the generations to come, the Southern colonies based lived for the day and the quick dollar.

The Founders of the New England colonies had different views for the new world then the views of the Southern Founders. Although both founders were of English decent they came for very different reasons. The founders in the south formed the colonies in search of gold and fortunes. The crew consisted of second sons who did not receive any money from the family so they had a need for riches. In the New England Colonies the founder's main motivations were for religious freedom. They wanted to form a perfect society were they could purify the wrongs that were being done within the Church of England. Because the Colonies were founded upon different reasons the people within the colonies spawned different political views.

The political system was set up differently in the two different areas, mostly because of their different religious beliefs. The New England colonies set up a Religious based Oligarchy; the people based all their laws on the rules of their religion. In the New England colonies they set-up town meetings where any man that believed in the religion could vote, this stopped many people so they soon developed the Half-way covenant, to include the people who said they would soon convert to the religion. In the south they setup a representative government called the house of burgess, this was a good idea, but only the wealthy land owners were allowed to participate. The differences in the governmental...
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