American College

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American College
In the article: “The Value of a College Degree” Hanford writes that there is a small amount of people attend college or higher education before 1970. It has changed after 1970. There are two reasons that people should get a degree: people without skills are shipped oversea and technology development has done most of the jobs. Moreover, people with higher earning most likely have health and retirement benefit. “Economist Tony Carnevale says something else that people can learn in college is how to interact with other educated people.” In another word, people attend college unfinished degree got better off than people don’t have any college at all. They tend to get pay more than people not going to college. In fact, it is hard to pay off the time you would spend to finish college. The percentage of people attended to college is rising, but to competitive with global economy, that percentage is not enough for the United Stated in 2018, said Carnevale.

My thought is the more time I spend to get knowledge, the more I will earn in the future. Khemani writes that “students want to study whatever lands them a job” (1). It is obvious that doing the job that we ever wanted to give a great result of out it. Students are all different in mind, opinions, and attitude what they capable of. For that reasons, students’ choices are not the same. They chose different carriers on different education. For myself, I have chosen American education system as my guide to my carrier which is international business. It is a great opportunity for myself and students, who chose American education system, to explore our individuality in the modern world. Colleges contribute a better study place which regarding students’ perspective, reaction, and self-evaluation.

American college is a place to learn of thinking and reaction. Hanford quotes that “people can learn in college is how to interact with other educated people” (2). Since I was apart of college, I have found...

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