American Blackout: African Americans' Right to Vote

Topics: Democratic Party, George W. Bush, Al Gore Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: November 1, 2014
African Americans have fought for their right too vote since they landed on American soil and the film American Blackout reminds us they are still fighting for that right today. American Blackout is a three-part film. The first part involved the 2000 presidential election against republican George W. Bush and democrat Al Gore. This election caused a major controversy in America because of the major fraud committed by governor of Florida, Jeb Bush. The election was an arms race between the two candidates. In Florida 57,000 people were systematically and intentionally eliminated from the voting records because they were black. Innocent people were labeled as felons because their names look like those of actual criminals. Those who were being accused, 97% of the so-called “felons” were innocent of any charges, and were assumed to be guilty. George W. Bush won the election by 537 votes. Because the election was so close, the outcome could have been different if these labeled “felons” were able to rightfully vote. In the second part of the film, it shows the Republican Party overthrowing Cynthia McKinney from her position by twisting her views and quoting her out of context. Cynthia McKinney was a Georgia Representative and also one of the few black women in Congress. She was a democrat who stood against the Bush administration during 9/11. McKinney spoke out approving of a 9/11 investigation and hinting at Bush’s involvement. She publicity questioned why Bush was extremely resistance to Congressional hearings and why warning signs about 9/11 was ignored. Because she was a black women speaking out against the president, the American republicans did not take this lightly. The media twisted her words out of context and claimed, Mckinney was deliberately stating, Bush knew about the attack and did nothing about it. Republicans were then able to switch over and throw out McKinney. The last part of the movie showed McKinney came back in 2004. She went to...
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