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Topics: Film, Kevin Spacey, Academy Award for Best Director Pages: 4 (1211 words) Published: June 4, 2014
American Beauty was filmed in 1999 directed by Sam Mendes. This was the first time he a directed a feature film and it ended up being awarded 5 academy Awards including best picture and best director, this was very rare as he was a first time film director. The story is mainly centered around Lester Burnham who people believe has the perfect life but in hindsight he has a very unenjoyable, boring, predictable life. This all changes in a flash after his daughters high school cheer comp and starts living life by his own rules. There are many things you take away from watching the film as there are so many messages that can be interpreted from it which is why so many people are fond of it.

A central character in the film American beauty is Lester Burnham played by Kevin Spacey. Lester is the “typical american dad.” and the protagonist in the story. People portray Lester as having this ideal lifestyle they think he has a perfect family, job, house and overall a perfect life. This is far from the truth. Lester gets up each morning, goes to a job he hates, has a teenage daughter who despises him, a wife who is controlling and a boring lifestyle. He hates his life and he is spiraling into a deep depression. But this all changes when he attends his his daughters, Jane, high school cheer concert and becomes infatuated with one of Janes friends Angela who is well aware that Lester was infatuated with her. After this incident Lester completely changes. “its a great thing when you realise you still have the ability to surprise yourself.” I think this helps show Lesters change throughout the story as he was beginning to think that his life was completely mundane. He thought he wouldn’t see his life any other way. But as he started to change he realised that he could live a life that wasn’t completely predictable. Lester becomes a new man who starts to exercise, quits his job and starts working at a fast food place. “Janie, today i quit my job. And then i told my boss to...
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