American Beauty: Beauties Bring Pleasure or Satisfaction to a Person or Animal

Topics: Homosexuality, Beauty, Alan Ball Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Juan Martinez
19 September 2012
Professor Joyce
English 099

American Beauty

Beauties are qualities that bring pleasure or satisfaction to a person or an animal. People have their own opinions on how they define beauty. True beauty is not about physical appearance but also the goals and morals they have in life. With the combination of having problems in people’s lives it is hard to find their inner beauty. While watching the movie American Beauty by Alan Ball it describes problems that people face in their lives and also focusing on trying to find their way of defining beauty. With the use of characters and facing social problems the movie written by Alan Ball is called American Beauty.

Lester Burnham, the main character of the movie had a miserable life living with his wife Carolyn Burnham. Lester is unhappy and believes he is living the “loser” life. While having a low self-esteem daughter and a wife that is focusing on being a successful real estate agent it is hard to fix becoming a family. Throughout the movie, Lester is being forced to see his daughter’s cheerleading performance. While watching the performance Lester has a sexual attachment to Jane’s best friend Angela. He becomes motivated and focus to work out to look good naked in order to have sexual intercourse with Angela. During the end of the movie, Lester realizes that Angela is still a virgin. He realizes that Angela is just a confused girl and needs help. Instead of having sex, they have a talk and Lester feels good about it. As Lester approach his death, he realizes that the little things in life shows true beauty.

America has faced social problems around the country. In the movie American Beauty, some scenes show discrimination to homosexual people. Colonel Frank Fitts, a member of the Marine Corps shows hatred to gays. He calls them “fags” and does not interact with them. During the movie, Colonel Frank Fitts believes that his son was having an affair with...
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