American Barbarism

Topics: United States, Native Americans in the United States, Barbarian Pages: 2 (883 words) Published: October 28, 2014
American Barbarism
If Montaigne were living with us now, he would point out how the United States fails to realize how barbaric the country truly is, despite what Americans might believe. He would attempt to show Americans how the culture operates in comparison to those cultures that are far more simplistic, particularly in the areas of warfare, radicalism, and technology. Montaigne would look at American warfare and point out the hypocrisy and barbarianism of how it is conducted today. The United States conduct of warfare is the most barbaric and savage type that humanity has faced, and yet we currently talk about how barbaric people are kill each other with machetes and hand to hand conduct. Montaigne would note the hypocrisy of our thinking and make it is mission to point out that flawed thinking. For example, typically, the United States says it is barbaric to kill someone with a machete and yet we choose to drop bombs on entire populations. This results in the collateral damage to innocent civilians. The United States also uses drones, shooting missiles into villages to take out those we deem barbaric, and yet we tend to overlook the collateral damage that occurs and the new enemies that could be created. When there is hand to hand combat, which to the United States is barbaric, at least there is a full awareness of the damage being done and the lives that are being affected. American warfare allows citizens to disconnect from the reality of how others lives are being effected. One specific example that Montaigne would use to point out the United States hypocritical thinking would be how the United States has designated the Radical Muslims in the Middle East as barbarians. There are numerous issues in the treatment of these individuals that Montaigne would address, however Guantanamo Bay highlights the barbaric ways of the United States. While the American culture would call the Muslims mistreated at Guantanamo Bay barbaric, this...

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