America's Next Achievement Test: Closing the Black-White Test Score Gap By Christopher Jencks and Meredith Phillips

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Higher education, Racism Pages: 4 (1516 words) Published: September 27, 2006
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Article: America's Next Achievement Test; Closing the Black-White Test Score Gap By Christopher Jencks and Meredith Philips

Undoubtedly, higher education almost always guaranties higher income in the future. In determining whether or not labor discrimination exist between races, an experiment by using two different race with similar education is used to see whether discrimination exist. However, let say if discrimination on this particular experiment really exist, are all black have a similar education level on average compared to white? Evidence has proven that until now where discrimination are believe to be minimal, Black-White test score gap are still significant although it have shrank throughout the year. Thus, mentioning all the above, I think this is a very important issue on today's economics poverty and income distributions. Thus, I found that Race and poverty unit for this course to be inadequate.

In this essay, I'll be using "America's Next Achievement Test; Closing the Black-White Test Score Gap" by Christopher Jencks and Meredith Phillips article as reading that might offer important additional perspectives for the unit race and poverty. This reading is an opinion and think piece article. There are some review of research on this reading in given evidence and to convincing the authors ideas brought out in their writing. The main idea in this reading is to convince that solution in closing the black-white test score gap have a lot to do in promoting racial and distribution equality in the US. They conclude that although it may take several more generation to close this gap, the goal to close the gap is possible.

Although, the score test gap has narrowed since 1970, the median black still score below 75 percent of white on most standardize tests. Also, even as the gap shrank when black and white attend the same school, the reduction in gap are only little. As there is no evidence in genetic that black have less...
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