America: The Land of “Equal” Opportunity

Topics: Employment, Gender role, Gender Pages: 2 (962 words) Published: October 29, 2014

America: The Land of “Equal” Opportunity
Although the American society that we live in today prides itself on equal job opportunity and progression, it is easy to see behind the deceiving façade. Women have always been viewed as the less dominant gender due to the patriarchy that is provided by society. In fact, women are still making a measly seventy-seven cents for every dollar that a man makes, and the gap is even worse for African-American or Latina women working (Huffington). Even with women having a greater entry into the workforce in recent years, their pay is still considerably less than a man’s (Conley 312). Due to this suffering pay disparity, the women in the workplace are forced to suffer through many barriers that are not thought of and are unheard of by men. It is difficult to break through the glass ceiling of the corporate world for women to get to a higher job title, they are placed into the category of “caregiver” for children, and finally they are faced with sexual harassment in the workplace. Due to these unfair blockages within the corporate world, the women in today’s society face the harsh inequality provided by the workforce. The glass ceiling of the corporate world is thought of to be a main barrier within the inequality of gender in today’s society. This invisible limit on women’s climb up the corporate ladder poses as a very difficult hurdle to dodge towards success in the work place (Conley 315). If a person simply cannot go any further in their job, why would they bother to put forth more effort? In order for a company to succeed, it is necessary for its employers to go above and beyond what they are expected to do; when a person feels that they no longer must do this, however, the bare minimum will most likely be expected of these people. Women make up 46.5 percent of the workforce in America, yet they only occupy less than 8 percent of the head corporate positions (The Conundrum). This number is astounding based on the percentage...

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