America Story Of US Boom Video Questions Sumino Mori

Topics: Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, Prohibition in the United States, Los Angeles Pages: 3 (463 words) Published: June 7, 2015
America: Story of US- BOOMName: ____Sumino Mori__

1. What was needed to power the 20th Century and build the Modern World? Oil was needed.

2. Why was oil so Necessary? What did it replace?
Because oil was the wildest dream for Americans.
They believed that America should develop.

3. How many people die on oil rigs every year?
6000 people dead.

4. How many Barrels of Oil did the Hamel Rig pump out a day? 50 Barrels were pumped out a day.

5. A year after the Hamel Rig struck oil how much did oil Cost a barrel? Hoe much do you think it costs today? a. 2 dollars and 3 cents

b. I think it costs 14 euro per 1 liter today.

6. What is Henry Fords Secret to Success: why is it beneficial and how does it work? a. He made an assembly line which is a process of manufacturing of cars
b. It was very identical and revolutionary.

c. The production line manufactured high volume and low cost.

7. How much would a Model T cost in 1913? How much did it cost in 1914? a. 2 years wages

b. 3 month wages

8. Why do Americans Love Cars? How many miles do Americans Drive a year? Because American had a great sense of freedom and not had been a tight space. So car was the best method of movement.
Americans drove 4.3 trillion meters per a year.

9. Where does the Hollywood sign Originate From? What are the Four ingredients to L.A.’s Success? a. In Los Angeles in California.

i. Water
ii. William Moharman
iii. 359 kilometer of steel concrete water way
iv. 805m of rail road

10. What is the Great Migration?
In 1915 to 1930, 1.5 millions of Black slaves, who are basically from Africa, moved from south to north in order to search a better life.

11. How did the Chicago Race Riot of 1919 begin? Who were the major Players? a. Whites acted some violence to Blacks
Whites through stones to Black from sea side to see.
It occurred because white angered that black...
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