America Is Fat

Topics: Obesity, Rhetoric, Adipose tissue Pages: 3 (1169 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Chelsea Kostoff
ENG 101: Ms. Bell
Assignment #2, Draft #1
September 12, 2011

Being Fat is OK
Being fat is OK, written by Paul Campos is a great opinion piece stating that the federal government and BMI charts group people as “overweight” when really they aren’t. Campos addresses that even if you are healthy and exercise, you can still be obese or over weight because of your height and weight. He believes that there are three lies behind it all and society doesn’t know the answer to most of the questions involving weight. Campos doesn’t think its fair that some people have to be considered obese. He thinks the American diet industry is just a scam that gives you cures to lose weight, which won’t even help because of a persons BMI.

The article Being fat is OK was published in Jewish World Review in 2011. This essay was written for an online magazine; therefore it is a short essay. The attended audience was written for both male and females for a general readership, but more for Jewish people considering it was published in a Jewish magazine. This publication could be read by any city, state, or country and for either liberals or conservatives; body fat and weight has to do with everyone. People reading this will most likely be agreeing with Campos’ opinion. Even though Campos shows a lot of anger, he still had an effective rhetoric based on his intended audience by showing ethos, logos, and pathos. Campos used great logos in his writing. Campos states, “The BMI is what the government uses when it tells Americans that 61 percent of us are overweight.” (Pg. 206) This is an affective way of using logos because it is a statistic. The author is starting to use facts and logic to build up his case. He started out strong using logos. Campos uses three lies and describes them to try and persuade his audience. In two out of the three lies he talks about his reference back to the New England Journal. “We simply do not know whether a person who...
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